” Desert Choice was amazing and worked miracles for our daughter! When she started she had been suspended 3 times in 2 weeks. Now she is fully re-integrated into a regular classroom. The staff are all highly trained and caring.”

Felicia Ewing, DCS Parent

“When introduced to Desert Choice Schools, we felt a sense of hopelessness for our son’s education and admittedly had very low expectations, as we had heard all the same promises for helping our son at every school before. However, we quickly learned there was a significant difference between the staff at DCS and the other school options in the Phoenix area that address student behavior. The staff took ownership of their responsibilities, and displayed a commanding expertise and passion for their techniques. After our initial meeting, we knew this was going to be a positive experience for our son. Our son’s “team” of staff members was always available to discuss his challenges, and progress – always focusing upon the positives and developing an effective plan of action for dealing with negative behavior. The leadership staff at the DCS is the best in the field, and always opens to making intelligent adjustments to their processes in order to benefit our child. The DCS offers parents the ability to become a partner in their child’s progress, and not a spectator without a voice.”

Matthew and Krystal Menck, DCS Parents

“We have noticed a vast improvement in math, reading, and writing in his year at Desert Choice Schools. Our child has also been able to complete tasks and sit though therapy sessions since being at Dessert Choice Schools.”

Julie Kim-Camera, DCS Parent

“Desert Choice staff changed Michael’s school life for the better and I am and will always be grateful for your program and for the care and concern that you all give Michael and the other students.”

Kim Dutcher, DCS Parent