“Desert Choice was amazing and worked miracles for our daughter! When she started she had been suspended 3 times in 2 weeks. Now she is fully re-integrated into a regular classroom. The staff are all highly trained and caring.”

Felicia Ewing, DCS Parent

“When introduced to Desert Choice Schools, we felt a sense of hopelessness for our son’s education and admittedly had very low expectations, as we had heard all the same promises for helping our son at every school before. However, we quickly learned there was a significant difference between the staff at DCS and the other school options in the Phoenix area that address student behavior. The staff took ownership of their responsibilities, and displayed a commanding expertise and passion for their techniques. After our initial meeting, we knew this was going to be a positive experience for our son. Our son’s “team” of staff members was always available to discuss his challenges, and progress – always focusing upon the positives and developing an effective plan of action for dealing with negative behavior. The leadership staff at the DCS is the best in the field, and always opens to making intelligent adjustments to their processes in order to benefit our child. The DCS offers parents the ability to become a partner in their child’s progress, and not a spectator without a voice.”

Matthew and Krystal Menck, DCS Parents

“We have noticed a vast improvement in math, reading, and writing in his year at Desert Choice Schools. Our child has also been able to complete tasks and sit though therapy sessions since being at Dessert Choice Schools.”

Julie Kim-Camera, DCS Parent

“Desert Choice staff changed Michael’s school life for the better and I am and will always be grateful for your program and for the care and concern that you all give Michael and the other students.”

Kim Dutcher, DCS Parent

“I feel great about the program for my son, Israel, because of the progress he has achieved. He is so happy with his teacher and staff. For example: Before the program, he would not accept being at school at all. He would run out of the building, etc. Then he would stay for an hour and a half. Now with great success, he is really happy to be at school full time. He comes home happy. There are no words to explain how I feel about having Israel in this program.”

Isrrael Duran, DCS/Learn It Tulsa Parent

“This is Matthew’s first year in the program. School has been in session for one month, and so far, it is going well. Matthew is happy to go to class and happy when he gets home. I really appreciate his teacher for keeping the lines of communication open with me. I appreciate her effort to help Matthew get what he needs to be successful in the classroom. I am very happy with the program so far; everyone is knowledgable, and they really care for Matthew. I was also glad to see they have a behavioral therapist. I have spoken with her, and she really seems to want to help Matthew. I am hopeful that both Matthew and I can learn some ways to improve good behaviors. I am hopeful that this will be a great year for Matthew.”

Stephanie Koehne, DCS/Learn It Tulsa Parent

“I can’t express enough how thankful I am for DCS and what it has done for my son. We started with DCS when it first came to Yuma – 3 years ago. It has been a continuous learning process, but one that I am very glad Jayden was able to be a part of. DCS has given Jayden the ability and tools needed to be successful in a general education setting.

The staff at DCS-Yuma are exceptional! To be able to work with and teach students with various learning/behavioral needs is a task within itself. The staff has done an amazing job and has been a huge part of Jayden’s success. I know they would say that it is all Jayden and his choices, but I feel that it is also their caring, understanding and unwavering guidance that has assisted him in making positive choices!

Thank you from all so much for everything you have done (and continue to do) for Jayden and all the students at DCS! You all are a very important part in these children’s lives and futures. It is because of you and the DCS program that they are able to learn, grow and establish the tools needed to be successful. Thank you again!”

Angie Howden Berry, DCS Parent

“My son was always getting into trouble at school. Never could get along with other kids or teachers. This program was amazing. It was like a light cam eon for him that he never knew was there before. I am beyond grateful for this program. I feel like it set him on the right path to having a happy and healthy and bright future. He would not have gotten otherwise. Thank you all so much.”

Rose Lange, DCS Parent

“I have had the pleasure of working with Desert Choice Schools and their staff for the last 9 years. Throughout that time, Desert Choice has been a life saver. They are continually willing to work with our District to address situations and come to an agreement that is ALWAYS student-focused. They offer support to our general education teachers willingly and have served as an amazing resource to all staff.

For the past nine years, Desert Choice has provided an opportunity to students that struggle behaviorally in the large setting to be successful and feel hopeful. The positive atmosphere created by their staff has allowed students to feel safe and realize that they can be successful. It is without hesitation that I would recommend this program to a student that needed additional behavioral support outside the general education setting.”

Shauna Miller, Director of Exceptional Student Services for Higley Unified School District